Australian family-owned brewery Coopers Brewery has redesigned the branding of its portfolio of naturally conditioned ales and stouts.

The move is the brand’s first major update to its core packaging in 20 years and was delivered in partnership with design agency Cowan.

As part of the changes, Coopers’ roundel has been redesigned to demonstrate the brand’s heritage and brewing process.

Coopers Brewery national marketing manager Kate Dowd said that the new packaging has received ‘strong recognition and likeability’ from both long-term and new customers.

Despite the update in look, there will be no changes in beer content.

Dowd said: “The new design has been carefully developed with the objective of retaining our brand loyalists while also recruiting new drinkers to the Coopers brand.

“The refresh brings overall consistency to the Coopers ale range and has been designed to stand out on shelves, making it easier for our fans to spot their favourite brew.

“Coopers is excited to share our new look and we know that drinkers will continue to enjoy the great Coopers taste they know and love.”

In addition, Coopers Brewery will package its 750ml longneck range in a new bottle in an effort to minimise weight.

The company’s lager products range, including Dry and Premium Light, will continue with the same branding.

Coopers will roll out products with the new packaging and updated tap badges into liquor outlets and licenced premises across Australia from next month.

The change in packaging comes after the brand unveiled new masterbrand positioning, Forever Original, last year.

Based in Adelaide, Coopers Brewery specialises in ales, stout, lagers and light and low-carb beers.

The company’s shares are primarily owned by the extended Cooper family, which founded the business in 1862.

Last month, Coopers introduced its 22nd limited-edition Vintage Ale.