Germany-based cosmetic packaging and containers manufacturer Corpack has launched a new sustainable alternative for tube closures.

Dubbed BioD, the new screw cap is made from cellulose-based material and is claimed to be industrially compostable.

This screw cap breaks down naturally when it comes into contact with the environment, without leaving any microplastic traces behind.

The BioD screw cap is compatible with tubes with a diameter of 35mm.

The company said: “Our BioD screw cap boasts a beautiful and natural appearance, thanks to its infusion of wood fibres. This not only provides a unique tactile experience but also aligns seamlessly with the ethos of your brand.

“BioD is made from cellulose-based material and is industrially compostable, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious brands. BioD is a sustainable alternative to conventional materials and reduces the overall consumption of non-renewable resources.”

According to Corpack, the product is suitable for injection moulding and thermoforming and can be mixed with other sustainable materials such as Sughera or wood.

The material can also be coloured using biodegradable pigments.

The solution can be used for manufacturing a range of components, including closures, lipsticks, compacts, and cosmetic jars.