The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has announced the launch of a recyclability assessment and certification service for fibre-based packaging goods and materials in the UK and across other parts of the world.

Referred to as Papercycle, the service has been developed by CPI with support from various stakeholders in the paper-based sector in the UK.

Papercycle features an automated online tool that can offer an improved system to evaluate the recyclability of fibre-based products and materials.

It has been designed specifically to discover if fibre-based packaging materials can be recycled in the UK and if the country has the type of recycling mills needed to reprocess them.

Furthermore, Papercycle is capable of quickly diagnosing the recyclability of products or materials after conducting an online assessment.

However, in the case of more complex items, Papercycle can carry out timely laboratory testing as per the CPI Industries recyclability test norms.

Upon completion of the test, the service offers a technical review of the behaviour of the product under controlled conditions.

Papercycle has the capability to help make fibre-based packaging ready for official certification, as well as expand it in the UK and beyond, depending upon local legislation and guidelines. 

Even though all fibre-based packaging is technically recyclable, slight changes in the material can make some products more difficult to recycle.

As reforms in the extended producer responsibility norms continue in the country, Papercycle has the potential to create a standardised labelling system for customers to get a ‘recycle’ label, which will be mandated by the UK’s recyclability labelling criteria regarding packaging.

CPI Recycling director Dimitra Rappou said: “As packaging materials have become increasingly complex, we have seen growing confusion over the recyclability of materials, with an oversimplified assessment approach threatening the quality of recycling.

“Papercycle’s new service can remove the uncertainty faced by packaging designers, brands, retailers, and policymakers on the recyclability of fibre-based products.”