In a strategic move to bolster its presence in the Central Mexican market, Crawford Packaging has announced a partnership with StePacPPC, a global leader in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solutions for fresh produce. 

Proven partnership, new horizons

Building on their collaboration in Canada, Crawford Packaging and StePacPPC are now joining forces in Mexico. 

The move reflects their shared commitment to delivering innovative packaging solutions to the fresh produce industry.

Crawford Packaging general manager of the produce division Xavier Peña expressed enthusiasm by saying: “This collaboration allows us to offer a wider range of innovative packaging solutions to our Mexican customers, further solidifying our position as a trusted industry partner.” 

Revolutionising fresh produce packaging in Mexico

Specialising in MAP solutions for cucumbers, berries, peppers, mushrooms and avocados, Crawford Packaging and StePacPPC aim to advance the capabilities of MAP technology in Mexico. 

Their joint efforts focus on extending product shelf life, preserving freshness and reducing waste in the supply chain. 

StePacPPC sales and marketing vice-president Rani Kadosh said: “Together, we aim to bring the benefits of MAP packaging to more businesses in Mexico, helping them enhance their product quality, reduce waste and ultimately drive greater success in the marketplace.” 

Addressing reducing food waste

Recognising the urgency of tackling food waste as a global challenge, the collaboration leverages Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology to enhance shelf-life performance. 

This initiative holds the potential to make significant strides in mitigating the environmental and social implications of food waste. 

Crawford Packaging and StePacPPC’s shared dedication to advancing MAP technology in Mexico marks a significant step towards a sustainable and efficient fresh produce supply chain.