Digital label press manufacturer Dantex Group and inks and coatings specialist Actega have joined forces to revolutionise the digital inkjet label sector. 

The companies said the partnership is focused on integrating Actega’s ECOLEAF technology into Dantex’s PicoJet range of digital UV inkjet presses, marking a significant stride towards innovation and sustainability.

The integration of ECOLEAF technology into the PicoJet range aims to set a new standard for environmentally conscious and visually impactful label printing solutions.

Elevating sustainability in digital inkjet labels

Dantex’s commitment to sustainability takes centre stage as the partnership introduces ECOLEAF technology. 

This eco-friendly alternative to traditional foiling aligns with the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

By incorporating ECOLEAF, Dantex aims to enhance its PicoJet systems, providing a more appealing and sustainable printing experience for its customers.

ECOLEAF: redefining metallisation

ECOLEAF is a digital solution that offers metallisation embellishments for self-adhesive labels. 

Traditional foiling methods often result in significant waste, but the companies said ECOLEAF addresses this issue with a glue trigger layer that minimises waste. The process involves jetting aluminium particles onto the glue layer, creating a metallic image and allowing for the production of multiple metallic colours. 

Ben Danon, CEO of Dantex Group, emphasised the environmental and sustainability benefits of this collaboration, expressing excitement about integrating this eco-friendly technology into the PicoJet range.


Beyond the ECOLEAF integration, Dantex’s PicoJet range already boasts impressive features. 

The Digital Resolution System and Ricoh-powered print head technology ensure high-level print quality and performance even at high speeds.

User-friendly software, including PicoCenta and PicoPilot with touchscreen interfaces, also enhances the overall printing experience. 

PicoJet incorporates technologies such as SuperText, SuperWhite, and SuperTactile, offering a diverse range of finishing solutions for end-to-end label manufacturing.