Tetra Pak has partnered with Koenig and Bauer for the implementation of digital on-package printing technology.

The advanced technology will be used to provide full-colour digital printing on its beverage cartons.

Complexities encountered during the design handling process can be simplified with the usage of Tetra Pak’s digital printing technology.

The technology will highly reduce the design-to-print time and further offer order placement flexibility and product customisation.

Beverage companies will be able to leverage dynamic on-package printing and additional benefits using the technology.

Development of the full-width digital printer is being carried out by Koenig and Bauer. It will be deployed at Tetra Pak’s Denton converting plant in Texas, US.

Alpek Polyester operational subsidiary DAK Americas has agreed to acquire the Perpetual PET recycling plant of Perpetual Recycling Solutions, a recycled plastic firm based in the US.

TriMas, a US-based engineering products manufacturing firm, has successfully acquired Plastic Srl.”

Located in Richmond, Indiana, the plant has the capacity to offer an annual production of 45,000t of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) flake.

Alpek Polyester intends to increase its food-grade PET recycling capacity in Pacheco, Argentina, through the transaction. It is further expected to expand its North Carolina fibre-grade recycling joint venture facility.

Financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed and it is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2019.

TriMas, a US-based engineering products manufacturing firm, has successfully acquired Plastic Srl.

The acquisition process was initiated in November 2018.

Based in Italy, Plastic Srl offers single-bodied and assembled caps and closure manufacturing services to its customers.

The acquisition is anticipated to yield more than €10m ($12m) in annual revenue.

Plastic Srl will be integrated into the Rieke business of TriMas and will operate as a wholly-owned unit.