E Ink Holdings, a Taiwan-based papermaking and printing company, has announced its partnership with Texen to develop digital packaging solutions, such as customisable packaging displays for cosmetics.

The partnership aims to combine Texen's packaging expertise with the E Ink Holding's low-power, high-contrast display technology.

The E Ink display is a battery-free, thin, lightweight and durable solution that can be accessed via a smart phone, using near-field communications technology.

The display can be used to enhance packaging for cosmetics products, such as make-up compacts and perfume bottles.

With 11 production plants worldwide, Texen provides product solutions for the luxury and beauty market.

Linpac and Leroy Seafood Group have announced a collaboration to produce a range of new food packaging trays for Spanish retailer, Mercadona.

The units will include a printed film base tray made from laminated PET, and a clear anti-fog PET lid.

Linpac is based in the UK, whereas Leroy Seafood Group is based in Norway.