Diageo, the global beverage giant, has joined forces with circular economy tech business ecoSPIRITS to introduce ecoTOTEs, designed to replace single-use glass bottles and potentially eliminate up to 1,000 bottles over their lifespan.

The collaboration aims to cut carbon emissions and waste, with the first markets set to adopt the sustainable packaging solution in 2024.

Diageo, renowned for brands such as Johnnie Walker, Don Julio, and Guinness, has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with ecoSPIRITS, marking a significant step toward reducing single-use glass in the spirits industry.

EcoTOTEs to revolutionise packaging

The ecoTOTEs, designed to be used up to 150 times, are poised to revolutionise the packaging of Diageo’s spirits.

The 4.5-litre ecoTOTEs, functioning similarly to kegs, will be employed initially for Diageo’s Gordon’s gin, Captain Morgan rum, and Smirnoff vodka products. Once emptied, these ecoTOTEs will undergo a closed-loop transformation.

Collected, cleaned, and refilled with the same spirit, they will be reintroduced into the distribution cycle.

Substantial environmental impact

Diageo anticipates that each ecoTOTEs’ lifespan collectively will eliminate the need for up to 1,000 glass bottles.

Moreover, there is a projected carbon footprint benefit after the sixth use, compared to the equivalent volume of liquid in traditional 70cl glass bottles.

This shift in packaging is expected to contribute significantly to Diageo’s sustainability goals, aiming to cut carbon emissions across the supply chain by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.

Triple win for the planet, consumers, and Diageo

Ewan Andrew, president, Global Supply Chain & Procurement, and CSO at Diageo, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating:

“This is another example of a triple win where the planet, consumers, and Diageo will all benefit. We will be able to reduce both carbon and cost, and the pubs and bars will benefit from the ease of having reusable spirits packaging.”