US-based grower-owned fruits and vegetables distributor Divine Flavor has selected fresh produce packaging company StePac’s new standing resealable pouches.

The resealable pouches have been made using StePac’s proprietary Xgo advanced modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) technology.

The technology features properties to reduce oxygen, increase carbon dioxide and lower dehydration, as well as an inbuilt condensation control.

Intended to extend the fresh produce’s shelf life in the retail sector, the Xgo standing pouches contribute to efforts to reduce waste.

The adoption of the pouches follows over two years of testing by the company.

StePac business development manager Gary Ward said: “Our packaging designs have traditionally focused on the wholesale sector, offering a lean functional solution to bulk packaging of high-value fresh produce that can support long haul shipments as well as storage.

“It already demonstrated abilities to extend shelf life by 50%-100%, bringing promising support to food-waste reduction.

“In the midst of current Covid-19 climate, concerns for food safety are driving demand for more retail packaging. We have purpose designed our packaging to preserve quality and reduce waste in the most sustainable way possible.

“We are increasingly venturing into the retail sector to bring this sustainable resource saving solution into consumers’ homes.”

Divine Flavor has been using StePac’s Xtend line of bulk packaging since 2010 to transport its fresh produce such as squash, cucumbers and bell peppers from Mexico to the US.

StePac noted that its pouches are also available in fully recyclable formats.