Dutch reusable bottle company Dopper has achieved Cradle to Cradle Gold certification for its Original reusable bottle collection.

The certification makes the Dopper Original the company’s most sustainable reusable water bottle collection.

Dopper Original is produced using Eastman Tritan Renew material, which contains 50% certified recycled content.

Eastman developed Tritan Renew using molecular recycling technology, which breaks down hard-to-recycle plastic waste into fundamental building blocks that can be used again in manufacturing.

Biobased polypropylene is used to produce the remaining portion of the bottle, including the container and the cap.

Dopper said the bottles are manufactured at facilities powered by 100% renewable energy.

According to Eastman, the Original collection integrates the classic bottle design with components such as a lid that can be turned upside down to become a drinking cup.

Eastman speciality plastics commercial director Glenn Goldman said: “It is exciting to see Dopper’s commitment to sustainability be realised with the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification for the Dopper Original bottle featuring Tritan Renew.

“Eastman is proud to be part of the solution to empower forward-looking brands like Dopper to make material changes now that lay the groundwork for a better future.”

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute granted the certification following an assessment of Dopper Original bottles across five categories.

These were material health, product circularity, clean air and climate protection, water and soil stewardship and social fairness.

Dopper CEO Virginia Yanquilevich said: “With the new Dopper Original collection, we show the industry what’s already possible: a bottle collection with a zero-carbon footprint, made of 85% upcycled materials, produced in a factory that runs on 100% renewable energy and more.

“The Cradle to Cradle Gold certification shows the world that we can — and must — make sustainable choices in every part of the production process, hopefully inspiring others to follow.”