European packaging company DS Smith has developed the Bumper Outer Shipper solution for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), which will be used for packing individual vehicle parts worldwide.

The firm aimed to optimise the use of its containers with an easy-to-assemble pack, each of which are produced from a single piece of heavy-duty corrugated board.

The board protects parts and wraps around the contours of bumpers, allowing each pack to be nested and secured together with smart locking tabs.

Vehicle bumpers are wrapped in a bubble-foil envelope bag to maximise protection.

"The board protects parts and wraps around the contours of bumpers, allowing each pack to be nested and secured together with smart locking tabs."

The packaging firm also features ergonomically designed hand-hole locations for easy loading, unloading and delivery.

Individual bumper wraps, timber posts and bags can be placed into the shipper, which is then collapsed down for delivery.

The shipper also features a pallet with an easy-to-assemble outer ‘pop up’ box.

Image: DS Smith designs new packaging solution for JLR products. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.