DS Smith has developed a new reusable packaging solution, which is designed to collect light bulbs in electrical appliances stores and supermarkets, for Eco Raee's Foundation.

Developed under the supervision of DS Smith’s returnable packaging division and R&D department, the solution is a small container produced from fully recyclable extruded polypropylene (PP).

It has a series of flexible flaps anchored to both sides of its interior to stop bulbs breaking after insertion.

The package can be easily emptied to ease transfer of bulbs at recycling plants.

"It has a series of flexible flaps anchored to both sides of its interior to stop bulbs breaking after insertion."

Eco Raee's Foundation has placed 500 container units at various collection points worldwide.

Established in 2005, the company offers its integrated waste management system for electrical and electronic devices in more than 400 countries.

DS Smith’s current portfolio of product includes special packages for electrostatic discharge (ESD) products, which protect electronic components during storage, transportation and assembly.

Image: DS Smith’s new reusable light bulbs packaging solution. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.