UK-based DS Smith Plastics has introduced a range of recyclable options called Loop Ready Packaging (LRP) through its injection moulding business segment.

LRP is a reusable, returnable and fully recyclable packaging option designed for brands, retailers and consumers.

The company will initially test the new packaging option on jars of non-perishable products such as vegetables and sauces. It also plans to introduce the technology across many more product categories in the future.

The packaging option delivers a zero-waste option for various products offered by retailers. It also maintains affordability, enhances convenience and closes the loop to ensure a circular lifecycle.

According to the company, consumers will be asked to pay a small deposit when purchasing a product with LRP packaging, as well as return the packaging and jars to the store after use to get a refund of the deposit paid.

DS Smith Plastics managing director Paul Baeyens said: “This system has worked successfully with returnable crates for beverages for more than 50 years.

“The packaging option delivers a zero-waste option for various products offered by retailers.”

“It reminds us of the milkman delivering returnable milk bottles. It could work just as well for peas.

“At DS Smith Plastics, we are constantly on the look-out for new innovations, greater sustainability and inspiration.”

The packaging option will assist brands to increase sales and reduce handling costs through bulk purchases of four, six or eight items at a time.

Retailers can keep shelves full by drastically reducing the mounds of plastic and cardboard waste using the stackable containers made from LRPs.