Dunapack Mosburger has started operations of three Valmet IQ Moisturizers delivered to its corrugated line in Strasswalchen, Austria.

The new solutions are expected to improve corrugated box quality and enhance the overall performance of the facility.

Dunapack Mosburger Strasswalchen Corrugated Line manager August Hauser said: “Higher quality, more diverse papers together with improved production and smaller, just-in-time orders make it more and more challenging to act against warp with standard temperature, speed, and glue settings.

“We were looking for a device to do it. When Valmet presented its control technology that is widely proven in paper production, we were convinced that this will work on our corrugated line, too.”

The Valmet IQ Moisturizer profiler corrects all kinds of warping, reduces cracking tendency and optimises glue consumption by adding controlled water mist onto the liners with 60mm or 120mm resolution in a cross direction.

“Valmet’s IQ quality control solutions are established on paper machines worldwide.”

The system can be integrated into the existing process controls and it is operated through an operator interface.

Valmet Automation Austria and Eastern Europe country manager Christian Kallich said: “Valmet’s IQ quality control solutions are established on paper machines worldwide. However, it takes innovative people to adopt them in the converting and corrugated industry too.”

Since 2012-13, Dunapack Mosburger, a part of Prinzhorn Group, has invested more than €30m in its facility and also installed a new 2.8m-wide corrugated line.

The company operates 18 sites across ten countries with annual sales of nearly 1.9 billion cubic metres of corrugated board, which is primarily made from recycled papers.