Electronic ink technology provider E Ink Holdings and reusable packaging provider LivingPackets have launched sustainable, reusable packaging.

Called THE BOX, the new packaging solution was designed for businesses and consumers, especially e-commerce and logistics, to make it easier to send and receive deliveries.

THE BOX can be made using energy-saving methods and its primary ingredients are recyclable and reusable. The solution eliminates the need to use bubble wrap and other packing material.

THE BOX has a customisable interior and leverages an E Ink display that makes it easier to update address data.

The new features will reduce CO₂ emissions caused by the use of cardboard boxes and paper labels.

In addition, the new packaging has integrated sensors that constantly measure temperature, humidity and shocks.

The data can be accessed at any time by using the built-in internet connection and smartphone app.

E Ink display uses power only to change an image, which considerably reduces energy consumption.

THE BOX can be reused up to 1,000 times before servicing.

E Ink president Dr FY Gan said: “The combination of the unique technology of THE BOX, combined with our low-power E Ink display allows for a new level of convenience to consumers and companies in the global e-commerce industry.

“E Ink has prioritised sustainable technology throughout our history and are excited to see this next step into making packaging a greener application.”