US-based provider of strapping systems EAM-Mosca has announced the addition of Movitec rotary ring stretch wrapping machines to its product portfolio.

A Mosca company, Movitec is a manufacturer of pallet rotary ring stretch wrapping machines. The rotary ring stretch wrappers offer protection and stability for palletised and unpalletised loads.

EAM-Mosca is the Mosca affiliate in the Americas, providing a range of Mosca equipment, including some speciality systems that are manufactured in North America. 

Operational since 1982, EAM Mosca has installed over 20,000 systems so far.

This announcement will lead to providing comprehensive end-of-line packaging solutions to customers in new markets across the US, Canada, Mexico and Central/South America.

Engineering company Movitec, which was acquired by Mosca in April 2021, provides tailor-made solutions to meet consumers’ specific requirements.

Among its machines includes the Saturn S2, S4, S6, and S8.

Compared with conventional turntable and rotary arm systems, Movitec’s rotary ring stretch wrappers are claimed to offer several advantages over its competitors, including speed and efficiency, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the consistency of its film application.

EAM-Mosca’s expanded product portfolio, which includes Movitec’s line of stretch wrappers, is claimed to provide a ‘game-changing’ addition to national packaging solutions.

Movitec co-founder Victor Teixiné said: “As part of the Mosca Group, we have the opportunity to benefit from the well-established and proven sales and supply chain structures of a global expert. At the same time, we are excited about bringing together the best of both worlds in end-of-line technology and working together to accelerate the development of innovative solutions.”

EAM-Mosca product/project manager Lorenz Hercher added: “This growth within our company group advances our product portfolio to serve even more end-of-line applications that require high uptime while appreciating unique project requirements.”