US-based Eastman Chemical has launched a new light-blocking resin for shrink film, which it claims will preserve products, reduce packaging resin usage and boost on-shelf appeal.

The Embrace High Yield (HY) copolyester shrink sleeve has a white opaque shrink film that blocks intrinsic and UV light for product conservation and protection. The material, which is a combination of the company’s Embrace LV copolyester and Embrace HY compound, delivers up to 30% more film per kilogram of resin compared to other polyester shrink film materials, reducing the overall amount of film needed for each container.

Eastman Chemical claims that the material has 30% lower density than other copolyesters and a high shrinkage rate of up to 70%, representing sustainability advantages. According to the firm, Embrace HY’s noise-free capability is suitable for slip-resistant grips and squeezable products. The product also offers printing capabilities as well as the ability to shrink tightly around contoured containers.

The original opaque white pigmentation of the copolyester material helps avoid application of extra white-printed coating on the film to enhance colours. Available with an ‘easy tear’ capability for tamper evidence band removal, the sleeves allow for full label removal, which improves the recyclability of the bottle material, reports

Embrace HY can be used for packaging in beverages, dairy, food, cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical products. It allows European brand owners to deliver shelf impact through 360° full-body labels with a soft texture. The sleeves have gained market approval in North America and are now available in Europe.

Eastman Chemical Company manufactures chemicals, fibres and plastics and reported 2010 sales of $6bn.