Eco-Products, a subsidiary of US-based packaging firm Novolex, has launched a compostable wrap for foodservice companies offering takeaway and delivery.

Made from wax paper, the wrap complies with ASTM D6868 certifications and is certified as compostable in commercial facilities by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

Eco-Products said that the packaging can be used by foodservice providers as a basket liner, food wrap, scale or pick-up sheet.

The wrap is suitable for containing sandwiches and compatible with both hot and cold snacks and other food items.

In addition, the material is resistant to grease and moisture.

Eco-Products marketing director Nicole Tariku said: “These wraps are both stylish and functional, making them ideal for foodservice providers offering carryout and delivery.

“They also are sustainable, simplifying clean-up because both the wrap and any leftover food can be tossed into the compost bin.”

Eco-Products jointly developed the wrap with its parent company Novolex.

The packaging features the logos of both Eco-Products and BPI logos to declare that it is made from sustainable materials and compostable after use.

The sandwich wrap will be available at the Novolex booth at the National Restaurant Association Show, which will be held between 21-24 May in Chicago.

Novolex chief technology officer Adrianne Tipton said: “Creating this new wrap demonstrates our commitment to developing compostable products across the Novolex line.

“We’re seeing increased demand for more sustainable products, so we want to provide as many options as possible.”

Eco-Products claims to be a leading provider of sustainable foodservice packaging, offering plates, cups, utensils and containers among other items.

Last month, funds managed by affiliates of Apollo acquired a majority stake in Novolex from funds managed by Carlyle Group.

Novolex serves the dine-in and takeaway restaurant, grocery, retail, sanitation and janitorial, construction and food processing industries and other related sectors.