Austria-based injection moulding machine manufacturer Engel has opened a packaging technology and expertise centre in Austria.

The centre is intended to help the company’s customers improve the performance of their production cells and ensure their competitiveness amid changing demand.

Engel opened the facility at a ceremony attended by 300 customers and partners.

As part of the ceremony, the company demonstrated all-electric e-mac injection moulding of polypropylene, which had been recycled following post-consumer collection.

To improve energy efficiency, the circular economy and digitalisation, all injection moulding machines at the facility are equipped with smart assistance systems from the Engel inject 4.0 programme.

Engel business unit packaging vice-president Christoph Lhota said: “Cycle time and energy efficiency are the most important key efficiency indicators in the packaging industry. And injection moulding solutions by Engel lead the field in both sectors.

“This is precisely what we demonstrate at the Packaging Centre. We invite our customers to put our injection moulding machines through their paces here”.

Engel is providing production cells for a wide variety of packaging requirements at Schwertberg and St Valentin, Australia.

Customers can conduct tests and performance analyses of production cells at either of these locations.

They can take their own moulds and materials to the centres for performance testing, including analysis of cycle times and energy efficiency.

The two sites also feature e-cap machines for manufacturing caps and flip-top lids, e-speed machines for thin-walled containers and pails, and duo speed dual-platen machines for large containers.

Lhota added: “The key to high energy efficiency is the individual plant components harmonising in the best possible way.

“In each case, we individually adapt the production cell to the requirements of the product to be manufactured.”

Based in Schwertberg, Engel offers a wide range of injection moulding machines, including all-electric, hybrid and servo-hydraulic devices, to provide drive technology for packaging applications.