An association of European kraft paper manufacturers and paper bags producers is set to organise European Paper Bag Day on 18 October to raise awareness among consumers about the need to use paper carrier bags to combat pollution.

Known as ‘The Paper Bag’, the association will launch the European Paper Bag Day, which is set to be an annual affair to promote paper carrier bags as sustainable and efficient packaging.

Making the case for paper carrier bags, the organisation noted that they are strong and can be reused several times.

The group also highlighted the environmental-friendliness of paper bags, which are made using renewable raw materials such as cellulose fibre, and are recyclable and biodegradable.

CEPI Eurokraft Secretary General Elin Gordon said: “By celebrating the European Paper Bag Day, we want to highlight the benefits of paper bags and invite consumers to combine their packaging choices with a good conscience for the environment.

“With our activities, we want to start a dialogue with consumers about paper packaging and give them revealing facts, and create impulses for taking action to fight climate change and environmental pollution.”

“We want to highlight the benefits of paper bags and invite consumers to combine their packaging choices with a good conscience for the environment.”

Cellulose fibre is bio-based and procured from sustainably managed European forest areas.

This sustainable sourcing helps fight climate change as the average annual sequestration of carbon in European forest biomass reaches 719 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The long fibres in paper bags allow them to be recycled, resulting in reduced emissions.

Gordon added: “With the European Paper Bag Day, we want to convince more people to act responsibly and use, reuse and recycle paper bags.”

CEPI Eurokraft is a European Association that comprises 11 producer members who manufacture sack kraft paper for the paper sack industry and kraft paper for the packaging industry.

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