Plant-based packaging solutions firm Evergreen Packaging has expanded its Sentinel portfolio with the launch of a new fully renewable ice cream board.

The company has partnered with ice cream producer Coconut Bliss to introduce the eco-friendly paper-based packaging with its products.

Made using renewable coating derived from sugarcane, the new solution marks the first plant-based bio-resin polyethylene pint cup ice cream packaging.

Evergreen Packaging paperboard sales vice-president Chris Johns said: “We commend Coconut Bliss on their decision to move to this packaging, extending their commitment to using responsibly sourced and ethically produced ingredients to their packaging as well as their products.

“We know that the use of renewable materials is a value that is central to many of our customers’ brands, and we believe this is the first of many companies who will extend that value by purchasing paperboard such as Sentinel for packaging that is fully renewable and responsibly sourced.

“The use of renewable materials is a value that is central to many of our customers’ brands.”

“We are happy to have the opportunity to work with our customer, Stanpac , and Coconut Bliss on this important launch.”

According to the company, Sentinel paper and paperboard products are suitable for food service and retail food-grade packaging applications. They are made from renewable resources such as paper derived from trees.

Evergreen Packaging produces fibre-based packaging solutions as well as paper and paperboard products to customers globally. The company offers PlantCarton packages in sizes ranging from 52oz to 64oz.