US-based bottled water brand FIJI Water has committed to making all plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) by 2025.

The company has committed to the change to encourage sustainability and circular economy.

The bottled water brand expects to use 20% rPET in its bottles next year.

FIJI Water president Elizabeth Stephenson said: “The transition to 100% rPET is the cornerstone of our comprehensive approach to sustainability. Environmental sustainability and the preservation of nature is critical to our well-being on this planet.

“As one of the world’s leading source waters, we believe the best things come from nature and are dedicated to taking steps to protect the environment today and for generations to come.

“Recycled plastics are one way to ensure that we are participating in the circular economy, encouraging recycling and reuse.”

FIJI Water is also planning to launch a new 2.5gal packaging option for the refrigerator or counter and a five-gallon option for a standard hot and cold water dispenser to provide an alternative to single-use bottles.

The company will manufacture both products, using up to 76% less plastic. FIJI Water also plans to implement various initiatives to further reduce plastic use across its portfolio.

The bottled water brand is supporting recycling programmes and container deposit laws globally.

In September, the owners of FIJI Water’s parent company announced a $750m investment to science and engineering institute Caltech to address the issue of climate change.