UK-based packaging solutions provider Filtrona Tapes has relaunched its holographic tear tape packaging solution for enhanced packaging security and brand differentiation. 

The Supastrip tear tape is coated with a water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive and offers an easy opening experience, according to Filtrona. 

The company noted that difficult-to-open packaging often impacts product purchasing decisions.  

Filtrona highlighted its Supastrip Prism range, which includes a variety of holographic films. They can be unprinted or flood-printed, starting from 1.6mm in width, designed to deliver both visual impact and ease of opening. 

The Prism Plus option combines these films with high-quality printing for heightened brand visibility.  

In addition, Prism Ultra offers customised holographic effects through demetallised or selectively metallised films and Prism Unique allows for bespoke hologram designs for high security and protection. 

The Supastrip Prism tapes are claimed to be versatile and suitable for a wide array of fast-moving consumer goods applications, including pet food, personal care, and food-to-go.  

They are compatible with both plastic and paper packaging and are engineered to tear effortlessly through various flexible packaging types. 

Filtrona market development manager Sarah Rutland said: “For a long time, Supastrip has proven its superior quality in the marketplace, but often its potential to be an excellent carrier for enhanced decorative and security solutions, has been overlooked. 

“In the regular discussions we have with our customers, the ability to add striking design features through holography, adding to the ability of brands to stand out, while maintaining all of the easy opening benefits of Supastrip, has had a compound effect, where its value and versatility is difficult to ignore.”