Flow Beverage Corp, known as Flow, has entered a three-year deal with Joyburst Beverages, commonly referred to as Joyburst, guaranteeing the annual production of 15 million units of Joyburst Hydration branded beverages.

These beverages will be manufactured at Flow’s production facility in Aurora, Ontario.

Joyburst, a better-for-you beverage company that started in 2022, is known for its premium hydration energy drinks available worldwide. Joyburst Hydration, one of their product lines, is designed for consumers seeking to replenish vitamins and electrolytes.

The Hydration products are offered in Tetra Paks and come in three distinct flavours. Joyburst also produces seven flavours of energy drinks, all of which are made without sugars and feature natural caffeine sources.

Flow’s role in the manufacturing agreement

Flow’s CEO, Nicholas Reichenbach, expressed his delight at partnering with Joyburst in producing Hydration Tetra Paks for consumers in North America. He highlighted the suitability of Flow’s Aurora production facility for helping Joyburst achieve its production objectives.

Furthermore, this agreement is seen as a means for Flow to unlock the value of its Aurora production facility, which, as previously revealed, is in the process of being divested.

Joyburst’s focus on enhancing hydration

Brad Woodgate, Founder and CEO of No Sugar Company, Wellnx Life Sciences and Joyburst, commented on Joyburst’s commitment to expanding its value proposition into the hydration category.

This new agreement with Flow reflects the positive response from retail partners and strong performance in the female hydration market segment. The use of 100% recyclable Tetra Pak packaging has been well-received by consumers seeking to reduce plastic usage.