Australia-based drinks brand Mother of Pearl Vodka has announced its plans to purchase the country’s first paper bottle machine from Frugalpac. 

This move is set to significantly help wines and spirits brands in the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific regions reduce the carbon footprint of their bottles by 84%.  

Capable of producing up to 2.5 million paper bottles annually, the Frugal Bottle assembly machine will enable Mother of Pearl Vodka to manufacture and fill these eco-friendly bottles for other brands striving to lower their carbon emissions. 

The Frugal Bottle, made from 94% recycled cardboard, is five times lighter and has a carbon footprint six times lower than its glass counterparts, according to Frugalpac.

The production, transportation and disposal of Frugal Bottles also require less energy, making them a more environmentally friendly option. 

Additionally, the solution allows for 360° branding, thereby potentially providing a distinctive and impactful presence on store shelves.

The purchase of the machine was announced during the Austrade ‘G’Day By The Bay’ event in Singapore held on 23 February 2024. 

Mother of Pearl Vodka plans to expand its range to include gin and wines packaged in Frugal Bottles. 

Frugalpac CEO Malcolm Waugh said: “We’re very excited that Mother of Pearl Vodka has signed a letter of intent to buy our Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine. 

“Australia and South-East Asia are huge markets for wines and spirits and over the last year we’ve been inundated with requests for paper bottles. Mother of Pearl’s commitment to buy their own Frugal Bottle machine will put them in a great place to meet this demand.” 

Since 2020, more than 35 drinks producers globally have launched 128 different stock-keeping units of wines, spirits, and olive oils in the Frugal Bottle. 

Last November, Mother of Pearl Vodka of the Sea launched its grape-based vodka in Frugalpac’s paper bottle.