The Australia and Western Australia (WA) governments have granted more than A$30m ($19.1m) through a joint funding scheme to accelerate recycling and waste infrastructure.

For supporting recipients in constructing, expanding, or upgrading waste processing facilities, the second round of the Western Australian Recycling Modernisation Fund will allocate up to A$30.75m.

This move will help in phasing out the export of some types of waste plastics, tyres, mixed paper, and cardboard.

Furthermore, on the offer is also an industrial zoned land worth up to A$5m.

The funding will support projects aimed at boosting material recovery for reuse or recycling, while also enhancing the capacity for sorting, processing, and manufacturing materials impacted by waste export bans.

The WA Government and Commonwealth will bear a maximum of two-thirds of the project expenses, while applicants must finance at least one-third of the costs.

To tackle key infrastructure gaps in the state’s waste management mechanism, the Western Australian Recycling Modernisation Fund is providing $70m as grant funding.

Western Australia Environment Minister Reece Whitby said: “Western Australian businesses are embracing waste as a valuable resource that can create jobs, spark innovation and deliver strong environmental outcomes.

“This is a significant investment to transform WA’s waste and recycling industry, helping address critical infrastructure gaps while supporting the waste export bans.

“I encourage businesses to apply for this funding to improve Western Australia’s ability to process and recycle waste, and help create a low-waste, sustainable State.”