GAIA Biomaterials, a Swedish company, has announced that its limestone-based bioplastic material, Biodolomer T, has been awarded compostability certifications by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) in the US. 

The certifications encompass Biodolomer T for Extrusion, Granulates, Sheet Resin, and Thermoforming Resin up to a thickness of 1,000 microns. 

This enables the production of compostable of products that needs rigid materials like drinking mugs and food trays. 

Biodolomer T material can be used for products such as beer and coffee cups, and food trays. 

Recently, GAIA Biomaterials received its first BPI certification for thinner grades of Biodolomer ideal for use in film. 

GAIA Biomaterials CEO Peter Stenström said: “This means that we can now offer a USA-certified compostable material for a number of new applications that require a thicker and more rigid material.”  

BPI is one of the leading authority on compostable products and packaging in North America. 

The authority ensures that all compostability claims are scientifically validated, aligning with the Federal Trade Commission’s requirements.  

Alongside BPI, Biodolomer T also holds a European certification from German certification bureau DIN Certco. 

Biodolomer T, like other materials from the Biodolomer range, is based on limestone and is engineered to leave no microplastics behind.  

It also boasts up to 80% reduction in CO₂ emissions when burnt.  

GAIA Biomaterials, headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden, specialises in manufacturing Biodolomer, a compostable material with qualities similar to plastic. 

The material is not only compostable but also exhibits a significantly low carbon footprint and does not contribute to plastic pollution. 

Biodolomer is compatible with most plastic production techniques.