Retail and marketing company Genuine Marketing Group (GMG) has selected label printing and application services company US Tape & Label (USTL) as its production and design partner.

USTL has more than 70 years of experience in customised labels and will work with another GMG partner, Label-Aire label applicators, to provide tag production and tag application for GMG’s proprietary product authentication system ZPTAG.

The company’s application design will integrate ZPTAG QR codes into the product label designs themselves or tag existing packages and labels with the system.

The design will add to the size, shape, and material of GMG products.

In addition, USTL will fulfil the role of an extended sales arm by delivering ZPTAG authentication services to GMG’s existing customers and industry partners.

This will enhance the roll out opportunities of ZPTAG to consumers across the globe.

GMG CEO Chuck Chastain said: “As a marketing company, GMG is tasked to not only focus on creative and innovative ways to connect our brand customers to their loyal consumers, but also to enhance their product’s shelf appeal along with ZPTAG authentication.

“Tapping into USTL’s creative design team as well as their industry experience and client roster will only make us more valuable and on target in the retail industry. We welcome their input and expertise as part of GMG’s continued growth in the industry.”

Centrally located in St Louis, Missouri, US, USTL’s products are used across a wide variety of sectors.

USTL vice-president Doug Holtmeyer said: “USTL looks forward to the opportunity to be the single source provider for ZPTAG and tag application equipment. We are excited to be a part of this cutting-edge technology.”