US-based Kitchenware brand GoodCook has introduced EveryWare Lunch, a new range of bisphenol A (BPA) free food storage containers.

Claimed to be cost-effective, the containers are currently available at Target stores in sets of three or four containers.

GoodCook’s EveryWare Lunch containers are available in four different size configurations, namely the EveryWare Bento Box, EveryWare Lunch Cube, EveryWare Lunch Box and EveryWare Snack Pack.

Each container comprises individual compartments to house several components of a meal in separate places.

The EveryWare Lunch Cube has two compartments on the bottom, while the EveryWare Snack Pack has two compartments to separate food items such as hummus and pita.

With two small compartments for side dishes, the EveryWare Lunch Box has a split design that stores three different contents in one large compartment.

The EveryWare Bento Box has a large compartment and two small compartments for side dishes, as well as a removable tray and two additional small compartments.

All of the containers have lids designed to create a tight seal to prevent leaks and keep the food fresh.

GoodCook Marketing and Product Development senior vice-president Tom Barber said: “Bringing your lunch to school or work is a great way to enjoy your favourite meals, while also saving money.

“And with more than 50% of workers and students bringing their lunch with them, it was important to GoodCook that we created something that could fit their needs, no matter what the meal entails.”

The containers are freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe and are designed for easy, long-lasting use.

They are made using fully recyclable materials and are expected to reduce 35 million tonnes of plastic from the production process.

In addition, the containers’ stackable and compact design aims to allow users to carry the items conveniently without requiring too much space in a backpack or briefcase.