Commercial products packaging manufacturer Graphic Packaging International (GPI) has collaborated with Liffey Meats and Irish supermarket chain Lidl Ireland to produce new PaperSeal tray solution.

Working alongside Liffey Meats, Graphic Packaging will supply two million PaperSeal tray units a year, which include the fully lined, cut and glued PaperSeal tray exclusively for the Irish market.

The PaperSeal tray is a barrier-lined paperboard alternative to vacuum skin packaging (VSP) and is available for commercialisation across Europe.

Graphic Packaging International business development director Paul Tye said: “Our PaperSeal tray features 80%-90% less plastic than traditional trays, supporting our customers’ sustainability goals and providing consistent seal integrity to keep the product fresher for longer.

“For ease of recycling, the consumer can easily separate the liner from the tray post-use, making the tray itself 100% recyclable.”

LIDL’s Deluxe Angus Steak range is now available and will be on sale in 167 stores across Ireland.

The launch is part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, A Better Tomorrow, which aims to reduce plastic packaging volumes by 20% by next year.

Under the new range, Lidl will offer top-tier steaks, including Angus and Dry-Aged Angus, with full farm-to-fork traceability from Liffey Meats.

The partnership made Lidl, the first Irish supermarket to introduce Graphic Packaging’s innovative tray solution.

Lidl Ireland corporate social responsibility head Owen Keogh said: “We are committed to ensuring we drive positive change for the environment and for our customers while supporting our longstanding suppliers, like Liffey Meats, to develop innovative sustainable initiatives that make a tangible impact on our environment.”