Greif, a prominent player in the industrial packaging industry, has inaugurated an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) manufacturing facility in Dilovasi, Turkey.

This development took place on 6 September 2023 as part of Greif’s strategic efforts to bolster its global presence and enhance service capabilities in Turkey and neighbouring regions.

The newly opened facility in Dilovasi covers an extensive area of 13,000ft². It is equipped with modern industrial infrastructure, including advanced manufacturing and assembly lines.

The primary objective of this facility is to offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to cater to the diverse needs of its customer base.

Focus on quality and service

Greif’s expansion into Dilovasi underscores its commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and service excellence. The company aims to serve the demanding IBC market in Turkey and explore potential partnerships with local reconditioning companies to address sustainability concerns.

Greif Industrial Packaging president Paddy Mullaney highlighted the customer-centric approach, stating that the company is dedicated to delivering superior customer service globally.

The investment in the new IBC facility is geared towards surpassing customer expectations by providing quality products, innovative solutions and unmatched service.

Extending international footprint

With a history spanning more than 140 years in the packaging industry, Greif has established itself as a notable IBC manufacturer on a global scale.

The company’s strategy involves investing in operational enhancements, modernised manufacturing facilities, increased reconditioning efforts and the development of products designed to offer optimal packaging solutions.

Greif’s foray into Dilovasi, Turkey, signifies a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to expand its global reach and ensure customers have access to its packaging solutions.