US-based lifestyle intervention programme Plantable Health has partnered with Grounded Packaging to procure packaging materials made from plant-based bioplastics.

Marketed as Sugarflex, the recyclable packaging materials are made from sustainable sugarcane and are intended to help Plantable achieve a carbon-negative footprint for its new packaging.

Plantable expects to replace more than 2,114kg of virgin fossil fuel each year by switching to Grounded’s Biovac bags.

The programme also forecasts it will recover the equivalent of 106,000 bottles of ocean-bound plastic a year with Grounded’s this bag saves platform.

Grounded founder Ben Grant said: “We’ve been working with Plantable to deliver a packaging solution made from plants to ensure that their full product aligns with their sustainable mission as a business.

“With our planet being choked by single-use plastics, we hope that the announcement of this partnership on Earth Day (22 April) serves to not only inspire other food businesses but accelerates industries’ transition to more earth positive solutions.”

In a press statement, Plantable said that the initiative highlights its commitment to ‘improving the planet both nutritionally and environmentally’.

The company has so far saved an estimated 30ft² of forest area, 20lb of carbon dioxide and 1,100 gallons of water for every meal each day by encouraging the use of plant-based ingredients in place of animal agriculture.

Plantable Health CEO Dr Nadja Pinnavaia said: “The decision to work together was one that was deemed necessary as Plantable’s business is about all about health – and human and planetary health are intricately linked through the food system.

“I am confident that this partnership will help the battle against single-use plastics, and at Plantable, we are committed to doing all that we can to shift food systems towards the delivery of sustainable diets.”