Chinese liquor maker Gujing Group is seeking applications for global packaging suppliers.

The Bozhou-based company has announced plans to open its 2020-2021 year quota for packaging suppliers.

According to Gujing’s eligibility criteria requirements, the suppliers should be production companies and generate at least $10m in annual sales.

Additionally, the suppliers are required to provide materials and operating licenses along with tax returns from the former year.

The packaging materials should include paper boxes and tote bags for printed materials.

To package bottles, the capacity of the bottle needs to be 500ml and should use plastic caps or aluminum-plastic caps.

A selection committee established by Gujing will be reviewing all applications.

Selection will be done based on the scale of the company, production capacity, and suitability. Qualified applicants will be invited through e-mail or by phone.

Gujing Group continues to source high-quality raw material such as sorghum in a global scope.

The company uses Jiu Yun Jiu distilling technique, which has been certified as the oldest existing distilling technique in the world by Guinness World Records.

Gujing Group chairman of the board Liang Jinhui said: “Every year, we seek high-quality global suppliers.

“This year, we hope to take the opportunity to further strengthen our global cooperation and promote the development of Chinese spirits internationally.”