Plastic films manufacturer Gunze is set to complete the transformation of the core of its plastic film business, Moriyama Factory, into a Circular Factory™ (Resource Recycling Factory) later this month.

Located at 163 Morikawahara-cho, Moriyama-city in Shiga, Japan, the transformed factory will have a total floor area of 10,786m² and will manufacture shrinkable film for labels.

The factory will leverage large solar and water resources as the main source of energy.

In addition, the advanced-technology-equipped facility will use discarded products and raw materials in the traditional linear system of “Take (resource extraction), Make (production), and Waste (disposal)” as new resources.

According to Gunze, this will result in a manufacturing system that recycles resources without producing plastic waste or emissions.

The company will set up technologies to separate and recycle different material types to achieve a fully-recyclable raw material commercialisation process. The new recycling facility will separate and recycle a range of multilayer films, including nylon and PET.

Besides the Circular Factory, Gunze plans to develop another recycling centre by 2026.

Gunze stated that mono-materials that are easily recyclable are currently being sought after. However, the company “will promote the use of this separation and regeneration technology to take advantage of our core competence, which is technology to add functionality through multilayering”.

The company said that 50% of the raw materials used in its plastics will be recycled by 2027, with plans to increase that to 100% by 2030.