Propafilm RCU

German chocolate manufacturer Halloren Schokoladenfabrik is to use Innovia Films‘ Propafilm RCU to package its new Oh là là chocolates line.

The Propafilm RCU is Innovia Films’ latest BOPP development and claims to prevent the migration of potentially harmful mineral oils from the outer packaging into the food itself.

The mineral oil residue traces in food are said to occur due to their migration from the printing inks present on the packaging surface and in recycled newspapers used in the production of cardboard packaging.

"Propafilm RCU has a proven mineral oil barrier and looks great."

These can migrate and be deposited on dried foods packaged in the box, including pasta, rice, breakfast cereals and biscuits, at room temperature.

The Propafilm RCU also provides a barrier against water vapour, flavours and aromas.

The film is printable and can be used on a range of machines, including vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal.

Innovia Films sales account manager Joachim Janz said: "Propafilm RCU has a proven mineral oil barrier and looks great."

The film will be used as a flow wrap of the tray containing the chocolates inside the box.

Halloren’s Oh là là chocolates are available in three varieties, including Marc de Champagne, Chocolat Noir, Crème de Nougat.

Image: Halloren Schokoladenfabrik will use the film as a flow wrap for packaging chocolates. Photo: courtesy of Innovia Films.