HAVIT, a smart electronic technology company specialising in audio devices, has unveiled its commitment to environmental sustainability through the introduction of a new eco-friendly packaging programme.

The initiative is aimed at contributing to its global carbon neutrality target and will officially commence in 2024.


In a bid to align with the UN Environment Programme’s principles of Redesign-Reduce-Recycle, HAVIT plans to optimise its packaging structure and volume.

The company is set to use 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified materials for its product packaging, a move that will result in an 80% reduction in plastic usage.

The inner trays and hooks will be replaced with paper cards while printing will utilise pure vegetable-based ink.

Additionally, HAVIT will replace UV-coating with satin aqueous coating and adopt embossing and debossing processes to minimise soil and water pollution.

Furthermore, the polylactic acid plastic used will be biodegradable within a year.

HAVIT’s environmental impact

HAVIT emphasises its commitment to sustainable growth by actively taking practical steps to reduce its environmental footprint.

The company highlights the significant impact of its initiatives, noting that recycled cartons can cut carbon emissions by 37g each, and using fewer virgin cartons can reduce emissions by 902g.

Recycling 100 express boxes, according to authoritative public data, is equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions of planting a tree.