Germany’s Henkel Adhesive Technologies has partnered with fresh fibre paperboards producer Metsä Board to create more sustainable packaging solutions.

The companies will leverage their research & development (R&D) resources and experience to improve packaging product development and process design.

The collaboration is in line with both the partners’ commitment to sustainability.

Henkel seeks to develop technologies and solutions in the adhesive, sealing and coating industries that will focus on saving on CO2 / energy and dematerialisation, promote circular economy and preserve health and safety.

Metsä Board produces thousands of tonnes of premium paperboard every day, of which 70-80% will have adhesive applied during the converting or filling process.

Henkel Europe consumer goods adhesives sales head Marcel Hübenthal said: “Real and sustainable progress demands change, which is why we simply cannot continue to do things as we have in the past.

“We must re-evaluate everything from formulations, products and manufacturing processes to design processes, disposal solutions and materials. To achieve this, we must think outside the box and look both inward and outward.

“Hence, it’s vital to also share knowledge and experience throughout the value chain – which makes collaboration with like-minded industry leaders like Metsä Board so important.”

As part of this collaboration, Metsä Board has offered training on topics such as board properties, fibre and sustainability to Henkel teams.

In exchange, Henkel has provided its adhesives expertise, including its knowledge on performance of various adhesives in different temperatures and substrates.

In June this year, Austria-based rigid and plastic packaging supplier Greiner Packaging developed a sustainable packaging solution for Henkel’s new Somat Excellence 4in1 caps.