US-based company Hippo Premium Packaging has introduced a new child-resistant packaging line for the cannabis industry.

Known as Duallok, the uniquely designed box features luxury-quality packaging that is expected to offer greater brand visibility to cannabis businesses.

According to the company, its client Theory Wellness, a small batch cultivator and processor from Massachusetts, is set to become the first customer to have the new packaging system.

“Duallok is the top-of-the-line folding carton, so we held off our product launch until the system completed certification and was ready to go.”

Theory Wellness chief financial officer Nick Friedman said: “Duallok is the top-of-the-line folding carton, so we held off our product launch until the system completed certification and was ready to go. We think this packaging will have a big impact on our sales, and we love the fact that we are the first to market.”

Developed by packaging design agency Burgopak, the Duallok package features a tray and sleeve that locks and provides a barrier to restrict entry for children, but can be easily opened by adults.

It can be used for a range of products such as vape cartridges, disposable pens, pre-rolls, syringes, edibles, and more.

Additionally, the packaging can be customised to suit various products in the cannabis industry.

Hippo Premium Packaging is a premier distributor of the new packaging solution to customers throughout the US.

Hippo Premium Packaging co-founder and CEO Kary Radestock said: “Most purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Once a consumer picks up your package, they will make an immediate, sometimes subconscious decision about whether or not they will trust your brand.

“Accordingly, one of the greatest challenges for cannabis businesses is to package their products in a distinctive manner that generates interest and also meets child safety regulations.”

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