Neopac launches fully recyclable PE-based tubes with HDPE flip-top caps 

1 October 2020 (Last Updated October 1st, 2020 14:43)

High-quality packaging provider Hoffmann Neopac has launched new polyethylene (PE)-based tubes with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) flip-top caps.

Neopac launches fully recyclable PE-based tubes with HDPE flip-top caps 
Neopac introduces first recyclable PE based mono-material tube with HDPE flip-top cap. Credit: Hoffmann Neopac AG.

High-quality packaging provider Hoffmann Neopac has launched new polyethylene (PE) based tubes with high density polyethylene (HDPE) flip-top caps.

The new fully recyclable tube solutions feature body, shoulder and caps that are all made using a single material family.

The mono-material tube + cap, which is also being offered in screw-top formats, can be used for health and beauty, food and pharma packaging applications.

Neopac development engineer Simon Böhlen said: “Achieved in collaboration with a long-time supplier, the new HDPE flip-top caps overcome the last hurdle to fully recyclable tube packaging – namely, the ability to form functional closures from the same material as the tube body and shoulder.

“Health & beauty, food and pharmaceuticals brands can now assure their increasingly sustainability-conscious customers that the packaging in which their products are housed has the lowest-possible environmental impact, as we move toward a fully circular packaging economy.”

Hoffmann Neopac has commercially rolled out its full PE Cap range for all Neopac’s PE, COEX, EcoDesign or Polyfoil Range.

The recyclable fully mono-material PE tubes with flip-top cap will be available as stock solutions with the new printing service DigitAll360° from November.

Besides the new HDPE flip-top caps, Neopac is also launching a comprehensive portfolio of PE screw caps.

In December last year, Hoffmann Neopac acquired Netherlands-based CM Packaging for an undisclosed amount.