US-based packaging provider Hoffmann has planned to launch a line of recycled steel-based tinplate cans. RecyCan is made from recycled steel such as used cans, closures and crown corks.

The steel elements are torn into strips, melted into raw steel and then cast into hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and tin-plated slabs. The slabs can be printed and moulded into new tinplate packaging cans.

The cans are 100% recycled, endlessly recyclable, and contribute towards a sustainable circular economy.

RecyCan will be introduced at Interpack, a trade fair to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 7-13 May this year.

Hoffmann Neopac CEO Mark Aegler said: “In Europe, North America, and other major markets, metal tins are synonymous with sustainability as they are recycled in well-established recycling streams.

“The RecyCan line of products takes eco-consciousness to the next level by achieving full circularity – completely recycled products that can continue to be recycled in perpetuity and, of course, these environmental benefits are achieved without sacrificing product protection or branding aesthetics.”

Available in three-piece, two-piece or deep-draw, RecyCan tins cans are protected against light, air, and moisture.

The new tinplate cans would be suitable for packaging products such as organic infant nutrition, coffee, tea, dry or pasty cosmetics, and tooth powder.

Hoffmann Neopac supplies high-quality metal and plastic packaging for various markets including pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries.

Earlier this month, the company acquired Trivium Packaging’s production lines for hinged lid cans in Deventer, the Netherlands.

In December last year, it also acquired Netherlands-based CM Packaging for an undisclosed amount.