US-based Honeywell has unveiled a new pharmaceutical packaging film for the protection of moisture-sensitive medicines in all climates.

According to the company, the Aclar UltRx 6000, part of the Aclar family of films, provides the highest moisture barrier of any film of its type and allows pharmaceutical companies to standardise their product packaging.

The films can also help reduce drug package sizes by up to 55% compared with the alternative, cold-formed foil, the company claims.

The film can be used in existing equipment with only minor adjustments, allowing pharmaceutical companies to differentiate their brand by allowing the pill to be seen through the packaging.

The high-barrier pharmaceutical packaging film has all the advantages of thermoforming and provides a global film platform for achieving ultra-high moisture, oxygen and UV barrier.

The 6ml polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) film is suited for oral solid drugs and provides the lowest moisture vapour transmission rate of any film.