Honibe, a Canadian brand known for its honey-based products, has revealed a new packaging design inspired by nature.

The company states that the decision to revamp its packaging was influenced by customer feedback and aims to reflect the brand’s commitment to purity, sustainability, and wellness.

According to Dean Williams, CEO of Honibe, the new packaging represents more than just a visual update. He notes that it underscores the brand’s dedication to delivering high-quality honey-based products.

Williams mentions that customer input played a significant role in the redesign process, resulting in packaging that highlights honey as the primary ingredient and embodies the beauty of nature.

Addressing industry concerns

Eins Mutuc, marketing director of Honibe, emphasises the importance of creating packaging that resonates with consumers.

Mutuc points out the health benefits associated with honey, such as immune-boosting properties and soothing effects on sore throats.

The packaging aims to communicate the brand’s commitment to authenticity and purity through its design elements.

Williams also touches upon the issue of ‘honeywashing’ within the industry, describing it as deceptive.

He explains that some brands may make misleading claims about their honey content, whereas Honibe products prioritise real honey as the main ingredient.

Williams assures consumers of the brand’s transparency and commitment to providing genuine honey products.

Rollout plans

The new packaging will be gradually introduced across Honibe’s product range, including honey gummies, honey drops, and honey lozenges.

Despite the packaging change, the company assures customers that the quality of its products remains consistent.

The aim is to offer consumers a visually appealing experience that celebrates the essence of honey.

Consumers can expect to see Honibe’s new packaging on shelves starting May 2024, marking a significant step in the brand’s evolution while maintaining its core values.