Engineering and manufacturing company Hydro Bioscience has launched a new high density packaging system, called as octoPAK.

The patent pending packaging system features an octagonal shape and offers additional shipping density of 25% when compared to traditional sized pallets.

The flat surface of the octagonal shape makes it possible for the octoPAK systems, which will be available in three sizes, to maintain stability, occupy less space and help reduce cost for customers.

Designed by Hydro Bioscience president Antonio Trigiani, the most compact system stands 28.58cm tall and weighs approximately 16kg after securing a single algae remediation system inside it.

The largest size of the system is 52.71cm tall, weighs up to 34kg and is attached with two complete ultrasonic systems.

According to Hydro Bioscience, the new packaging system has the capacity to hold up to two each of cable reels, disc shaped floats, power supplies, and Quattro-DB transducer devices.

The cable reel in the bottom will receive the power supply and mounting attachment that would extend from the bottom of the disc shaped float.

In addition, two boxes have been added with the transducer with a filler box placed between the two.

The octoPAK are not available in plastic due to international concerns.

Hydro Bioscience stated that the system has completed thorough drop testing and is not vulnerable to damage during shipping process.