UK-based company Hydropac is set to enhance the safety and reliability of pharmaceutical shipping with its newly unveiled PharmaPac range.

The product line is specifically designed to cater to the unique challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in transporting temperature-sensitive medical products across the globe.

The PharmaPac range also aims to tackle the intricate logistical issues encountered in the transportation of pharmaceuticals, particularly in the ‘last mile’ delivery phase and related growing regulatory demands.

These challenges have been a focal point for the industry, requiring innovative solutions to ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines, and laboratory products.

Innovative thermal packaging solutions

Hydropac’s PharmaPac range comprises several thermal packaging solutions, each developed to guarantee the preservation of temperature-sensitive medical items throughout their journey. A notable product in this range includes Hydropac’s first ‘prequalified system’, PharmaPac Genesis.

This comprehensive packaging solution includes a polystyrene box, ice packs, a universal payload tray, and a groundbreaking thermal filter pack. It ensures the safeguarding of refrigerated payloads (2°C-8°C) for a minimum of two days during transit.

PharmaPac polystyrene cool boxes

Tailored to meet the specific needs of delicate items such as medications and vaccines, these cool boxes offer reliable shipping solutions. The design incorporates effective passive cooling strategies to maintain the required temperature during transportation.

Made from purified and UV-treated water, combined with an advanced gel formula, these ice packs are encased in resilient high-grade film. Known for their recyclability and puncture resistance, they contribute to the secure transport of pharmaceutical products.

Meeting industry demands

Stephen Fieldhouse, general manager at Hydropac, emphasises the critical role of reliable temperature-controlled packaging in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

He points out that even a slight temperature deviation during global transit can significantly impact the quality, shelf life, or usability of vital medications and lab samples.

Fieldhouse states: “Our PharmaPac range aims to address these challenges by providing state-of-the-art solutions that ensure the integrity and stability of pharmaceutical products during every stage of transportation.”