Plastic film and bags producers INDEVCO Plastics and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste member Dow partnered to co-develop a new recycled collation shrink film.

The new print-grade shrink bundling film is designed for multi-packs.

It leverages 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin from Dow, which contains 70% certified PCR sourced from a reliable local US supply.

INDEVCO Plastics divisional general manager Wayne Mashe said: “In our partnership with Dow, we focused on the right resin selection, film thickness, and impact on the waste stream.

“The result is a high-performing collation shrink that not only meets the market requirements but also uses half the virgin resins and can be recycled and repurposed into other products.”

INDEVCO Plastics’ new film can be used by food and beverage manufacturers who bundle products in multi-unit packages.

The low-gauge, high-strength collation shrink film is fully recyclable at store drop off locations across the US.

Additionally, the film was put through various tests for mechanical, optical and processing properties.

Available as plain or print-ready rolls, the unprinted film contains no ink.

INDEVCO Plastics plant manager Jay Bodine said: “We are proud to produce this film in our Longview, Texas facility.

“The 50% recycled content allows us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production and helps our customer’s customer, the consumer, keep waste out of landfills and the environment. Both of these help our customers contribute to a circular economy.”

Besides PCR, INDEVCO Plastics also produces shrink bundling film using post-industrial recycled (PIR) resin from its own waste stream.