US-headquartered Inline Filling Systems has unveiled a new anti-corrosive filling machine line designed to resist chemicals such as strong acids, bleach, brine and sugar solutions.

The filler uses fibreglass materials to resist corrosion, and its subcomponents are powder-coated for the same purpose.

The fluid path components are made from Kynar and Teflon, which boast aggressive resistance properties. All electronic components are treated for anti-corrosion, and enclosures are constantly purged with clean system air.

The machine fulfils the need for filling machines that will require less maintenance than stainless steel filling machines, the company claims.

Inline Filling Systems president Sam Lubus said the new design extends the lifetime of a typical filling machine by seven to nine years.

The machines can be integrated with modified bottle unscramblers, capping machines, conveyors and accumulators, providing customers with a complete bottling system.