UK-based timber processing company James Jones & Sons has announced the expansion of its operations into pallet manufacturing in Australia.  

This announcement follows the acquisition commencement of Rodpak by Hyne Timber, the Australian subsidiary of James Jones & Sons. 

Hyne Group CEO Jim Bindon said: “Rodpak is a highly regarded business with a long history in the manufacture of softwood timber pallets, with quality equipment and technology, and great customer relationships. 

“While it will be business as usual for Rodpak’s staff, suppliers and customers, being a part of the group brings the strengths of the international connections with James Jones and Sons, who are a leading pallet manufacturer in Europe, with 14 manufacturing sites throughout the United Kingdom.” 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Rodpak manufactures and supplies an extensive range of timber pallets and packaging products to address all industry demands. 

According to Bindon, Hyne will not add new capacity to the pallet market but will continue to supply to long-term Hyne customers. 

Hyne expects to finalise the entire acquisition on 1 May 2024, if all completion precedents are met. 

The expansion comes two years after James Jones & Sons acquired a controlling interest in Mayflower Enterprises, the holding company of Hyne Timber and XLam.  

The group also holds a majority stake in Rocky Point, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of products to various industries. 

James Jones & Sons chair Tom Bruce-Jones said: “We are delighted to welcome Rodpak Pty Ltd to the group. The acquisition forms part of Hyne Timber’s diversification and growth strategy and represents our first entry into the pallet sector in Australia.”