As the US gears up to celebrate America Recycles Day on 15 November, JBM Packaging, a prominent manufacturer of eco-friendly packaging solutions, has launched Hydroblox.

This innovative product aims to provide a sustainable and water-resistant solution for various industries seeking to minimise their environmental footprint.

Hydroblox, described as a water-resistant, uncoated recyclable packaging paper, is engineered to deliver superior barrier protection for products susceptible to water or condensation exposure.

Notably, it boasts an impressive 200% greater water resistance compared to standard 24-pound white wove paper.

Versatile applications and customisation

FDA-approved for use with food products, Hydroblox finds application beyond just perishable items, extending its utility to outdoor gear, camping equipment, personal care items, cosmetics, art supplies and even pet products.

Moreover, this proprietary packaging paper offers a customisable solution with various sizes, perforations, adhesives, hanging holes and windows. JBM Packaging aims to provide its customers with plastic-free options that cater to their diverse packaging needs.

A Response to growing demand for sustainability

JBM Packaging director of sales Jessica Black emphasises that Hydroblox aligns with the increasing demand across industries for plastic-free packaging alternatives.

Recognising the importance of environmental consciousness, the company positions Hydroblox as a testament to its commitment to innovation, balancing performance specifications with sustainability requirements.

This initiative aligns with America Recycles Day’s overarching goal of encouraging individuals and businesses to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives.