Packaging solutions provider JOCHAMP has launched the JCZ-250 series, a new generation of shisha packaging machines. 

The new solution is designed to address common issues faced in shisha tobacco packaging such as tobacco extrusion and weight inaccuracy that arises due to viscosity in shisha tobacco packaging. 

The JCZ-250 series provides three main solutions, including flexible packaging from 25g to 1kg and high packaging speeds of 180 packs per minute. 

In addition, the machine features two integrated human-machine interface systems that dose and wrap shisha sequentially, offering a significant improvement over the previous model.  

JOCHAMP sales manager Senary Lin said: “We have designed JCZ-250 shisha tobacco dosing machine to optimise output, and attain maximum throughput while minimising cost but ensuring no shisha flavour contamination. 

“This new generation of packaging for shisha is a fully automated machine with intelligent weight adjustment feature, troubleshooting capability, packaging parameters monitoring, and display.” 

The JCZ-250 series features a one-piece dosing screw and metering system that ensures accurate packaging, as well as five servo controls to deliver consistent filling and durability. 

JOCHAMP has also incorporated advanced multisealing technology into the JCZ-250 to ensure the freshness of the shisha flavour.  

The machine’s modular design allows for easy maintenance and adjustment to meet various packaging requirements. 

Based in Zhejiang, China, JOCHAMP has been delivering innovative solutions across various packaging systems, including wrapping, cartoning, and form-fill seal machines.  

The company aims to optimise packaging processes, reduce costs, and maintain product integrity at every stage.