Jomar has launched its latest injection blow moulding machine, the TechnoDrive 65 IBM.

The new model is the high-speed, high-production version of the traditional Jomar Model 65, which is the company’s most popular machine size for India and Asia.

The TechnoDrive 65 IBM versions have a dry cycle time of 1.8s that is one full second faster than the standard hydraulic Jomar 65.

“The advent of the TechnoDrive 65 is a direct result of the success of our IntelliDrive series.”

The new high-yield machine uses a closed loop cylinder system that enables the clamps to move with significantly enhanced speed and accuracy.

The cylinders do not hammer at the top or bottom of the stroke, thereby increasing the lifespan of both the moulds and the cylinder seals.

The closed loop system functions together with proportional valves that offer a smooth, fast stroke that can stop at mould touch and then complete the clamping force needed to produce bottles.

Jomar president Carlos Castro said: “The advent of the TechnoDrive 65 is a direct result of the success of our IntelliDrive series, which debuted in 2016.

“They’re both using technologies that reduce the overall cycle time, as well as improve the duration of tooling and machine parts.”

Jomar’s TechnoDrive machines are equipped with remote access capabilities, which enable the firm’s service unit to connect to the machine via the internet.

The main motor of the machine has been replaced with one that can produce 50 horsepower output at 50Hz, which is best suited for the Indian and Asian markets.

The TechnoDrive machines have the capability to generate 41g a second of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or similar resin.